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Library Policies

Before school hours: 8:05 to 8:25 a.m.

After school hours: Tuesday and Wednesday until 5:00 p.m.

No food, gum or drink is allowed in the library. (exception: during breakfast)


Permanent morning “Avid Reader-VIP Passes” are available.

Ask the librarian for more details.


Open Library Hours:

1st period, 2nd period, 7th period, and 8th period

     During open library hours, students may come to the library with a pass from a teacher. Students must sign in with the librarian and present their passes.  
If the librarian is not available, they must return to class.

After completing library tasks, students sign out and return to class.


Students are allowed to check out two books for two weeks. Books may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks. (Renewing a book is checking it out for an additional two weeks.) Bring the book to the library to renew the book.
If another student has requested a hold on the book, the book cannot be renewed.
 Students may not check out additional books if they have an overdue book.
(An overdue book is a book that has been out for more than two weeks.)



Reference books may be used in the library during school hours.

Students are expected to pay the replacement cost for lost or damaged books.



Other Services:

Printing is available for school projects only.  

The librarian must approve each request.  


Internet access in the library is for research purposes only. The rules outlined in Sheldon’s Acceptable Use Policy apply in the library. Any student who violates any provision of the Acceptable Use Policy may lose all network privileges.