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- College and Career Readiness

  • The Counseling and Guidance Department provides an unyielding commitment to making sure our students are prepared for not only high school, but college and and what may lie beyond as well.  Our goal is to ensure every student  discovers a career pathway of interest that will one day lead to higher education and the global workforce.

    We offer high school credit courses for 8th grade students in Fine Arts as well as Foreign Language in order to support our students who want to get a jump on high school.  The following courses are available to all 8th graders for high school credit:

    • Spanish I (1 credit)
    • Native Spanish (1 credit)
    • Art1 (1 credit) 
    • Art 1 is only available to students who have taken a Fine Arts previously in middle school.
    • These courses give students the opportunity to start preparing for high school, college, and their future career.