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Demerris Hood, M.R. Null MS After School Program Site Coordinator, 5 year veteran


I am enthusiastic to be able to influence students, the community, and support school day efforts. This will be my tenth year working in the capacity of after school programming. Starting two years as a 'LIT' (volunteer) at the age of 14, two years as a 'Junior Counselor', and one year as a 'Site Director' with the YMCA of Greater Houston. Followed by two years working with Sheldon ISD After School Department as an After School Instructor, and two years as the Site Coordinator. I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you this school year! I am driven to provide academic and enrichment opportunities. Together we can and together we will!


Mrs. Carmona, NMS After School Program Assistant, 3 year veteran

I am a Deer Park High School c/o 2012 graduate and have also earned my Associate Degree in 2017. I have been working with children for a couple of years and it is truly a passion of mine. I’ve been a member of the Sheldon ISD After School Program Department for three years now but, this will be my first year as an Program Assistant at Null Middle School. I love to cook, and to take care of the environment. Because of that, I'll be teaching Gardening and inspiring students to learn how and why gardening is important to themselves and the plant. 

Ms. Brown, NMS Frontline Staff, 2 year veteran

I’m best known for my creativity, personality, and athleticism and those are the areas where I would most like to inspire my students. I’ve been working for the S.M.A.R.T Program for 2 years. I currently attend the University of Houston as a sophomore, with hopes to become an RN. I am also a member of the campus volleyball team. My goal this year is to build their confidence, help extend their knowledge, motivate them, and encourage them to explore their creativity and athletic abilities.

Ms. Charles, NMS Frontline Staff, 5 year veteran

I am best known for my hip hop dance moves at Garrett Elementary. I graduated from Dekaney high school in 2011 and from Avant Media Institute as an Audio Engineer in January 2018. I  previously worked within the After School program at Garrett Elementary for two years, instructing color guard and hip hop dance. Transiting to Null MS I began as the step coach.  My greatest highlight has always been inspiring students who thought they were “non dancers” to open their hearts and dance. Working with the program, I have been able to help students build confidence, overcome stage fright, and become amazing dancers. I always reassure my students that they can do anything they put their mind to!

Ms. Jaimes, NMS Frontline Staff, 2 year veteran

I am a two year After School Program staff member. My first year I worked at Carroll Elementary where I taught 1st and 2nd grade. I am very excited about my first year here at Null Middle School where I will be teaching STEM and Cosmetology. I am currently enrolled as a full time pre-nursing student at The University of Houston-Downtown. I someday hope to be a pediatric oncology nurse because of my love for children! Therefore, I want to share my passion for biology and mathematics. I will be using that to help the students explore new ideas and passions in STEM class. I look forward to growing with my students and am excited to be their new instructor!

Ms. Jones, NMS Frontline Staff, 2 year veteran

Ms. Jones is the “cool” teacher! My students have loads of fun in my class but, they also know that my ultimate expectation is for everyone to be safe, respectful, and to grow! Although I have worked for many years with students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, this is only my second year working for the S.M.A.R.T after school program. I look forward to keeping my students engaged despite having to maneuvering through the many challenges this year may bring.

We are so excited to take on the challenge of After School Programming in a Cyber way! The pandemic was one that was unexpected and put a halt to many things that everyone was looking forward to but, one thing that "can't stop won't stop" is the SISD After School Program Department. This year both Null and King Middle School staff have combined together, working diligently,  to design a program that keeps students engaged and focuses on their social emotional well being throughout virtual learning. Our staff has been committed to growing  and learning, so that we can continue to reach our goal of "creating experiences beyond the classroom" for each and everyone of our students. Want to meet your After School Teachers? Keep scrolling to meet the staff that will be working with your students. Want a sneak peak into our classrooms? Click the link below!