• Awards
    2016 Southern Regional Champion!  
    2014 Southern Regional Champion! 
    3rd Place Regionals 2012
    3rd Place Nationals 2011
    1st Place Regionals 2011
    2nd Place Regionals 2010
    Schools Next

    Schools Next, previously known as School of the Future Club offers an opportunity for Middle School students to illustrate the kind of creativity that they have. These students focus on designing the perfect school through the eyes of middle schoolers. The club’s main focus is to build a scale model of the ideal school and to sketch architectural drawings.  Any additional components of the project are left to the students' creativity.

    The School of the Future Club will enter their model in a national competition which challenges students to design their schools to be environmentally responsive, to enhance learning, to conserve resources, and to engage the surrounding community.
      Schools NEXT in Philly