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Name: Melinda McCalla

Grade/Subject: (TLC- 2) Total Learning Community  (6th-8th)

Room: 314


School Phone: 281-436-2800 ext. 2853

Credentials: BS of Interdisciplinary Studies- Special Education EC-12

               University of Texas @ Tyler

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Welcome!! I'm thrilled to have your child in my class, and informing you that it will be an awesome school year! My vision for all spectrum students is to leave my classroom with stronger academic, self help, and social skills. Your child's learning environment will be inviting, structured, safe, and censored. In the TLC-2 classroom, all students will be held to high expectations, and will be pushed to their full potential. I love what I do and it amazes me to observe the accomplishments that our students make throughout the year! One of our administrators would always motivate us with this quote, as it's upheld in my classroom:



"At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils.

 And with boiling water, comes steam. 

 And with steam, you can power an engine 

 " One extra degree makes all the difference." 




Thank you and looking forward to a mind-blowing year of learning, exploring,

and leaping outside of our comfort zone, for the development and success of your child!!!