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Mrs. Matthews

6th Grade Social Studies

Room #A109



   Welcome to Null Middle School! I am excited to start another year in Sheldon.  This is my 12th year in education and all have been in Sheldon.   I hope that you can find this class interesting, informative- and FUN! I will be incorporating a variety of strategies and activities throughout the year to help each student do their very best.  We will be focusing on the following concepts in each unit:  History, Government, Economics, Geography, Culture, Citizenship, Technology, and Social Studies Skills.  You may visit the Helpful Tools tab on my webpage to explore these concepts with your child at home.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the year.    




1st Nine Weeks



Unit 1: Geography & the World

Unit 2: Celebrate Freedom

Unit 3: North America


2nd Nine Weeks


Unit 4: Central America and the Caribbean

Unit 5: South America

Unit 6: Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucuses


3rd Nine Weeks


Unit 7: North Africa and Southwest Asia

Unit 8: Sub-Saharan Africa

Unit 9: South Asia


4th Nine Weeks


Unit 10: East Asia

Unit 11: Southeast Asia

Unit 12: Australia and the Pacific

Unit 13: Europe and Global Responsibilty